Spring til indhold

A 29

    i need you tonight
    I need your love
    Want to reel your kiss
    Want to know what you have missed it
    We care about each other
    We’ve got our fa1th
    we got money

    We got the sex
    No battelground
    No complex
    I love you
    And you knew 1t
    You love me
    I’m a poet
    But it’s just a matter of time
    before me my heart would lose the time
    No pa1n in my heart
    No pain 1n my head
    No girl schould cheat rne
    Treat me 1n th1s way
    Sametimes I could,
    I hate to here them say
    cos words are words
    Tney make me hurt
    I want the free life for both of us
    In our heart our blood will flush

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