Spring til indhold

A 42

    They say that I;m crazy
    I realy don 1 t care
    MY love it’s broken
    I have nothing to share
    They try to gimme hope
    So I become afraid
    I get tough like dope
    And that’s my fate
    I realy don’t know how
    I realy don 1 t know when
    Mayby I just need
    A little help from a freind
    But I gat no fre1nd
    Oh so what can I do
    It’s proberly therefor
    I come and askin’ you

    Last night I’ve gat my heart
    But this morning it was gane
    Oh what was it I did
    So wrong, so wrong
    If you want to help me
    The please do it quik
    Because if you won’t do it now
    I have to give U a kick
    I just seraching for that girl
    Who treat’s me wrong that night
    I just want to tellin’ her
    I won’t get into a deepless fight

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