Spring til indhold

A distant door

    A distant door
    Wednesday July 11th 2003, Hadsund, Denmark.

    Remember how much you drank?
    right there when times were tough
    You’r voice called constantly out for more
    “Escape from life through a distant door!”

    The pain inside took me by supprise
    the life were paralyticly and I cold as ice
    These days I will never forget nor regret
    And I thank you Father and you can bet

    So secure that this life has left my mind
    Running man into You’r light so kind
    No worries ‘bout falling off the wagon again
    Never wan’t to go back into this life of pain

    On the way to a weekend to the so called joy
    feels good to be free, wondering how it is to be me?
    Five good days in a row and you’re returning boy
    , hiding in you’r shelter twenty-four-seven you see?

    Remembered how much I drank I do
    turning it down and I’m telling you
    Choose Life I do respecting an anxiety
    afraid of the lie and of what I might gonna be

    It feels good to be free

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