Spring til indhold

I ain’t got no more worries

    You fooled me with your leis
    You laoug w1th your eyes
    You throw rne at the floor
    You show me the door

    You hit me and kick me
    Well I began to cry
    iou’d said you never loved me
    Oh God, I don’t know why

    You said that I was to cool
    I felt rne like a fool
    r thought it was one of you le1s
    I can see 1t in you eyes

    It ll never comeback to you
    Cos I don’t like the th1ngs you do
    You fooled everyone with the things that you do

    And even ev’ry one got their eyes an you
    1 am still going strong
    I keep my pride
    In my packet my hand’s remain even you cry
    Cos careless people makes you shy

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