Spring til indhold

Real love

    Why don’t you go back back to your guy
    why don’t you kiss me goodbye
    What was it I did so wrong
    that you have to live alone
    What can I do to have you back
    why did you hit me every time

    I just can love
    Is it a crime
    I have nothing to say
    I thought you just stay there a play
    Oh baby I feel the pain
    I feel the way I love you like a shame
    Oh 1 thought the way you love me
    It’s just a game
    fv”Jhat can I do
    IMhen I love you
    Please baby, don’t take my heart
    Please don’t stay there
    And just play smart
    Cos You realy know that I love you so
    What was it I did so wrong
    So wrong
    That You
    Have to leave me alone

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