Spring til indhold

Trying to be happy

    Trying to be happy
    Lørdag 12. Januar 2002, Hadsund.

    part 1
    I have not loved in a year
    I have not made love in half a year
    I have not been happy for at least a month
    I’ve not been angry for a week
    I have not been drinking for a day
    forgotten your smiles to me
    and when you said I love you
    have’nt fooled around with other girls
    But I smoked cigars for a while
    And you have not been in
    any kind of contact with me
    All I ever were is depressed

    And been drinking my life away
    The end is near to quit our marriage
    and return back into loneliness
    Oh I try to be happy
    though I’m sad and depressed
    I belive that happyness is best

    part 2
    Oh, I signed the form
    now our marriage is over
    Such a clean dream (wonderfull dream)
    Oh yeah, I’m your son dear God
    I know I’m so wrong
    Spend my time in prayers
    I thought I did enough every day
    Now I know I have failed
    And in loneliness I have been jailed

    But now I’ll take on the world with a smile
    Like a pathetic hypocrite, just for a while
    I guess I could walk a thousand miles
    Suffering for all those whose smiles (I ripped off)
    I just trying to be happy, cos’ I think it’s the best
    better than walking ’round as depressed.

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