Spring til indhold

Words are words

    I woked up and feel me sad
    You said that I was bad
    You knew what to do
    You kissed me and say I love you
    I knew that words are words
    and 1when You said them it makes me hurt 1
    ‘Cos ‘ when you say I love you
    I know that is’s not true

    You always tryed to broke my pride
    Always tryed to take my heart
    But baby I’m so cold inside
    Oh baby, I can’t go start

    It realy make sense to have sex
    It realy make us glad;
    So let’s do it every time;
    Then I’ll never feel me sad

    Why don’t go back back to man
    Why don’t tell me the thruth
    Why don’t you tell me you hate me so
    I wan’t my freedom, I wan’t to go

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