Spring til indhold

You can’t change

    don’t cry for me
    don’t go where i go
    leave me where i am
    like the falling man
    don’ help
    please don’t talk
    leave me in the shadows
    of the spot
    it is time to let you know
    that what was done
    was not too good
    what a waste of time
    and now i’m gone
    so don’t cry over me

    i gave it all up
    it is too late
    and i am too weak
    to call you for help
    but i did what you said
    i felt
    now i’m down
    but don’t cry for me
    i am what you wante’d to see
    please don’t talk
    oh please don’t help
    cos’ you can’t change
    can’t change anything at all
    just take me for the walk

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